benefits of tree pose in yoga Tree Pose, called Vrksasana in Sanskrit is one of the classic hatha yoga poses that I incorporate into my yoga classes.

Challenging, and fun (especially if you get a bit wobbly) Tree Pose reminds us that rigidity isn’t the best way to approach life.

Trees survive because they move with the wind – yet they stay rooted.

When doing this pose we are rooted in our inner focus – maintaining a gentle concentration on a chosen point helps us balance in tree pose. It’s when we “try” to balance that things get a little unbalanced – a bit like life, the magic is in allowing and flowing.

Tree pose helps us develop concentration – if your mind wanders off whilst doing this asana then you will find it hard to maintain the position.

Physical benefits of Tree Pose in Yoga

  • Reduces Flat Feet
  • Helpful for sciatica
  • Helps with rounded shoulders
  • Helps open pelvis and hips (particularly with the little variation we add in class)
  • Helps open the chest
  • Improves breathing and lung capacity
  • Brings strength to the leg muscles, ankles and knee joints
  • Helps align our spine