Personal Yoga Tuition, Edinburgh

If you can’t make class-times or want more one-to-one instruction then personal yoga tuition may just be the thing for you.

Classes are tailored to your personal requirements and the opportunities for progress are magnified by the complete attention of your teacher.

At the start of our time together we will get clear on what you want from personal yoga tuition and I will come up with a programme to help you experience that.

Subjects we can look at are;

* general physical health

* flexibility

* recovery from, or living with, illness, injury or disability

* diet

* stress reduction techniques

* relaxation and meditation

* yoga for sports

* meditation for inner growth

These are just a few options and it may be that you have a few of your own. Feel free to call me on 07940-205625 to discuss or book an initial session.

Personal yoga tuition can range from 45 minutes (during your lunchbreak, for example), up to 90 minutes.  Most clients book for 1 hour, but this is your time, so you choose.

Private yoga classes start from £40 (up to 1 hour).