Swimming Is A Great Stress-Buster

I love swimming, and I always feel better after a few lengths, a bit of time in the jacuzzi afterwards 🙂

A new study, commissioned by swimwear manufacturers, Speedo, would seem to indicate I’m not the only one.

Examiner.com reports;

“The results of this research revealed that getting in the pool is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, with 74 percent of the swimmers surveyed agreeing that swimming helps release stress and tension. Swimming also shows up as the ‘feel good’ exercise, with 68 percent of the swimmers saying that being in the water helps them to feel good about themselves. Furthermore, 70 percent of the swimmers agreed that swimming can have a positive mental impact and that it helps them feel mentally refreshed.”

Swimming also has the benefit of helping to regulate the breath, just like yoga. Personally, I love practicing yoga breathing whilst in the pool – it helps me get into a good rhythm and I feel it gives me a lot more energy.

See you at the Commie Pool!

A lot of people feel swimming is more than a great way to stay in shape, it is also a lot of fun. And now with U.S. Olympic swimmer 27 year old Michael Phelps

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