Stephanie Kerr says, “I love my weekly class with Mahadeva. Everyone can go at their own pace.  I am amazed at the benefits, I am calmer, more positive, I feel healthy and invigorated after every class.  It is a weekly treat.”

Sarah Washbrook says, “This class perfectly combines relaxation with flexibility and strength training and is an excellent compliment to sports such as running or cycling.  I feel thoroughly stretched, de-stressed and energised after every class – I would thoroughly recommend it!”

Michael Meighan says, “I have not done any yoga in the past and I was apprehensive about starting.  However, Mahadeva’s sessions are relaxed and encouraging.  There was no pressure to go beyond my limits, while it has stretched me.  I have felt the positive benefits and have signed up for another series of sessions”

Mary Kerr says, “I really look forward to my class every Wednesday. I suffered with a stiff back before I started the class and I can’t believe the difference – I am much more supple.  Mahadeva lets us work at our own pace which is great as we are all different.  I highly recommend yoga!”