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crescent moon pose in yoga

Why We Do… Crescent Moon Pose

Crescent Moon pose is sometimes called Low Lunge pose, or Crescent Lunge Pose. Called Anjaneyasana in Sanskrit it is a powerful yoga pose which helps us develop poise and balance. “Anjaneya” is one of the names of the deity, Hanuman (see more at Wikipedia). Practicing this asana requires that we “open up”. As we have our chest […]

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benefits of pigeon pose in yoga

Why We Do… Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is a favourite of many in class.  A long luxurious stretch which allows you to let go of a ton of tension around the buttocks. There are numerous variations of this yoga asana, but the one we tend to do for a few minutes on each side is shown above. In Sanskrit it’s […]

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benefits of tree pose in yoga

Why We Do… Tree Pose

Tree Pose, called Vrksasana in Sanskrit is one of the classic hatha yoga poses that I incorporate into my yoga classes. Challenging, and fun (especially if you get a bit wobbly) Tree Pose reminds us that rigidity isn’t the best way to approach life. Trees survive because they move with the wind – yet they […]

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Garudasana - Eagle Pose - Yoga

Garudasana: Eagle Pose benefits

  One of the most elegant yoga poses, Garudasana, has numerous benefits. An article on hubpages gives great photos and great descriptions of the pose. “Practiced as a full pose, garudasana targets all four limbs for strengthening, stretching, and toning. In addition, the back of the pelvis and the area between the shoulder blades are […]

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Swimming Is A Great Stress-Buster

I love swimming, and I always feel better after a few lengths, a bit of time in the jacuzzi afterwards 🙂 A new study, commissioned by swimwear manufacturers, Speedo, would seem to indicate I’m not the only one. reports; “The results of this research revealed that getting in the pool is the perfect way […]

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Study Shows Yoga Can Help Stroke Patients

The Scotsman newspaper reports that a study in the US shows that yoga helps stroke patients improve their self-confidence and balance. It reports; “US doctors followed a 50-strong group of patients who took part in yoga classes to assess if it helped improve their balance. All of them had suffered a stroke more than previous […]

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Yoga For Beginners – Easy To Follow Video

Here’s a gentle beginners yoga video. It’s perfect if you’re just getting started in yoga, or are getting back to it after a break. The key thing is to make sure that you’re taking everything nice and easy. It’s taught by yoga instructor, Esther Ekhart, and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. Enjoy… […]

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